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Our Approach

Digital only

The marketing industry is made up of full service agencies that provide complete advertising and marketing services and niche agencies that focus on specific venues and activities such as outdoor signage, print materials, or digital services. Webcom Resources functions as a niche agency by only offering digital marketing services. Because Webcom provides only digital services and is not a full service agency, our costs are lower than the typical full service agency – which are passed on to our clients.

Our history

January 2005 — Founded

Started in the Seattle area, Webcom Resources' original business model was founded on low cost web hosting and domain registrations.

April 2005 — Acquired

The acquisition of Extreme Programming, an Agile web programming company, grew Webcom Resources into a full service web development agency.

March 2009 — Divested

In order to focus on web development, the company portfolio of about 9,000 domains and 300 hosting accounts were divested to a Canadian company named Hosting Nation.

May 2010 to present — Developed

Beginning May of 2010, Webcom Resources began focusing on strategic partnering in order to provide comprehensive digital services.

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